FunFit joins

Posted 28/04/2019

The coolest way to get a cardiovascular workout  A popular style for both boys and girls who love moving to the beat! Learn funky dance routines, step by step Perform your routine as a group and in... > More

Belinda Attard joins

Posted 28/04/2019

Beeswax wraps, native bee hotels, life of trash and rubbish sorting relay are some examples of the workshops and fun games we run. Earth Crusaders is not-for-profit organisation with a passion for teaching... > More

Hung Tran joins

Posted 25/04/2019

Our service offers rolling fun workshops to Kinder in the ELCs and F-2 classes in the primary schools. The workshop fully covers the Food curriculum in Healthy Eating and Inter-cultural capability. We inspire... > More

Hortiscape Pty Ltd joins

Posted 11/04/2019

Guided walks with Horticulturalist / Historiann Guide Discover Local Bushfoods & Plants used by the first Australians Hands on Artifacts. Wooden and stone tools display Shelter Building using natural... > More

Science Safari joins

Posted 11/04/2019

Are you not entertained? ? something we have NEVER had to ask during our Science Safari Shows! Performing each year at The Australian Museum's, National Science Festival, and described... > More

Yarn bark joins

Posted 27/03/2019

Introduction Yarn Bark provide a range of cultural experiences that can be utilised to tailor and develop an immersive experience that aligns to your school’s expectations and visions towards what is most... > More

Author/Illustrator workshops joins

Posted 27/03/2019

    We are Melissa, Angela and Charles. We are a Brisbane-based, Author/illustrators, family team. Melissa Jakeman is the Author of newly published rhyming, picture book, Mashed Banana Pie. Angela is... > More

Hoop Sparx joins

Posted 6/03/2019

Hoop Sparx has been spreading the spin and sparkle across Victoria for the past 5 years. School and holiday program incursions include hula hoop dance, hoopercise, hoop making and more! Perfect for primary and... > More

Think Play Learn joins

Posted 6/03/2019

Assemble and disassemble loose parts which can be reassembled into amazing and crazy creations.   > More

Showtime Stars joins

Posted 6/03/2019

Join Sharkey Shark as the owner of the Tooth Cleaning Booth. As you know Sharks have many layers of teeth. They don’t need the dentist so that’s why he is running the Tooth Booth! But what is a tooth made... > More