Bubble Bash Enterntainment joins

Posted 5/11/2018

Bubble Bash is soccer with a twist. Kids get strapped in one of our bubble suits and flip, roll and bump in to each other while being protectd by the bubble. Its a great physical workout and promotes... > More

Reconnect Outdoors joins

Posted 31/10/2018

Bringing the great outdoors, directly into your school through inquiry-based incursions promoting learner agency. Looking for a new innovative and engaging incursion to empower your next unit of... > More

Robot Man joins

Posted 31/10/2018

Robot Man can get your students and teachers fascinated and excited with the world of robotics. ?It's an ideal way to integrate STEM into your classroom.  There is an opportunity to inspire up to 30... > More

Pierre Ulric Mysteries joins

Posted 22/10/2018

A mad scientist is trapped between dimensions. What strange and wonderful discoveries will he make as he attempts to get back home? All will be revealed in this crazy and dynamic show that is part magic... > More

Endeavour School Incursions joins

Posted 22/10/2018

Bringing History to your Classroom: • Learn about explorers like Captain Cook, Sir Joseph Banks, Captain Bligh and more • Discover  the Europeans who came to Australia before and after Cook, including ... > More

Employment Preparation joins

Posted 22/10/2018

We are committed to teaching your teenager and young adult skills to help them enter the workforce, stay in the workforce and achieve their contribution and job fulfillment goals.  The one-on-one sessions... > More

Mindful Monkey Education joins

Posted 6/09/2018

PUPPETS, SONGS, MONKEYS AND RESOURCES! Highly interactive, engaging and age-appropriate, Mindful Monkey Education's Mindfulness Incursions are specifically designed for Prep, Grade One and Grade Two... > More

MTA joins

Posted 6/09/2018

We provide indigenous artists Australia wide. from nature walks, welcome to country, a smoking ceremony to didgeridoo making and song and dance workshops. Book an artist for a session or how about a whole unit... > More

Make me a Rockstar joins

Posted 6/09/2018

Children will have fun working together on a play, building their confidence and self esteem. They will develop their performance skills through engaging group games and activities. ? Vocal technique &... > More

Rushcutter Entertainment joins

Posted 31/08/2018

The stage2screen Action FX Skool Incursions give students the unique experience to present their class subjects in a fun and interactive way by working with green screen technology to emphasis the impact of... > More