Hungry 4 Health joins

Posted 12/02/2018

Hungry 4 Health provides nutrition education programs for primary school students. We understand the importance of health education for children and the challenges that can arise for educators in reaching... > More

Cathy Gray Ink Work joins

Posted 12/02/2018

Primary Years Mandala Workshop Years 2 to 7 1.5 hour workshop per class Police clearance/RAN-EC Cert 3 PART LESSON 1. Introduction to the mandala (it’s history, examples in nature &... > More

Crazy Climb joins

Posted 8/02/2018

Crazy Climb is the ultimate indoor climbing adventure! Climbers of all ages will have fun and be challenged with our 26 individual climbs of varying difficulty and amazing themes. Crazy Climb offers a fun and... > More

The Book Incubator joins

Posted 8/02/2018

Who says picture books are just for little kids?  Picture books can tell stories by and for people of all ages! These captivating workshops are custom designed for the school.   > More

Damushi Ensemble joins

Posted 8/02/2018

Rhythms of Africa is a thrilling performance of drumming, singing and story telling for school students of all ages.   In this 45 minute performance, accredited by Carclew's Playfull program, students learn... > More

Creative Incursions joins

Posted 18/01/2018

Creative Incursions is a brand new workshop company for kids all over Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. We specalise in dance, drama and singing.Our initial workshops cover different styles of... > More

Tvianaa's Henna Tatts - Geelong joins

Posted 7/12/2017

Have you thought about offering safe Henna art at your school event, fete, holiday program or would you the kids to participate in their first henna workshop? Henna is used for many reasons including:... > More

Australia-Asia Culture and Arts Centre joins

Posted 23/11/2017

Characterised in figures engraved on donkey skin, is played behind screen with the lighting scenery and the music. In order to make the performance freely, the separated legs, arms and head of a shadow... > More

Foost joins

Posted 23/11/2017

Join the Colourful Chef on a cooking adventure to challenge your senses. Guess the ingredients, decorate a paper chef hat to keep and individually create two colourful dishes. No oven needed. We bring... > More

Ladybug Academy joins

Posted 23/11/2017

One-off Incursion Ladybug Academy's Eco Bug program takes children on an imaginative journey through engaging characters and interactive activities to learn how we can all become Eco Bugs! Aligned with... > More