For years 5-9. The history of Australian immigration.

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The Lucky Country is a 50 minute celebration of multi-cultural Australia. 
In the show we meet Beth Barry and her husband, Ten Pound Poms from the early 60s, Afifa the modern-day footballing Lebanese legend, and Vittoria, the Italian nurse from the 50s with a great heaving bosomful of ice-cream, tears and motherly love. Pearl The Girl introduces us to a family history of intermarriage between the Chinese and Aboriginal pearl fishers of Broome, Ivana is determined to bury the horrors of Kosovo and Anisha tells us about her sooo embarrassing Indian grandfather.The humour and the ever-changing cast enable us to discover the legacy of those who have gone before, to savour the flavours of those who have just arrived and to relish the fact that we're all very lucky to be here. So... shall we get on?

Performed by Eliane Morel. See a preview of the show at https://youtu.be/A4aKiLN-kyY?t=12

What they say about the show:                                                                  

"A huge success and very much enjoyed by all." Lyn Murtha, teacher, Cannington Community College.

"Wonderful...staff and students alike were abuzz yesterday.Totally engaging, inspiring and so relevant to the broader education of our staff and students." Teacher, Barker College.

“...extremely useful for students learning about this important aspect of our history to visualise and experience what it may have been like for migrants coming to Australia." Mr Stuckey, Year 5/6 Teacher, Bondi Public School.

" Terrific. So good... I really did 'laugh and cry'!" Audience member, Joondalup 

The syllabus:                                                                                               The Lucky Country comes with a set of teachers' notes with brief histories and maps of historical events that have impacted on the migrant experience including the break-up of Yugoslavia and the Kosovo conflict, the influx of Chinese and Japanese fishermen to Broome, the White Australia policy, the Vietnam War, Indian independence, Ten Pound Poms and the events of 9/11.



Primary Stage 3 (Y5-6), Secondary Stage 4 (Y7-8), Secondary Stage 5 (Y9-10)



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